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Heron AutobedrijvenProject: Heron autobedrijven

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Project delivery: Jan 10, 2007


Description: Heron autobedrijven is a Dutch cardealer. On the website they display the latest occasions that are directly linked from a national occasion platform. Heron autobedrijven also shows off their new models of Audi and Volkswagen trough a mootools based image gallery. They also send out several e-mails with personalized news and information about the car people drive. Heron autobedrijven also uses a intranet with several levels of user rights and extensive document management control.

I created the front-end from a PSD complete with interaction design and developed the complete back-end system for this website with content management system, image gallery with automatic GD scaling of images, e-mail marketing moduleĀ  and secure intranet.