Looking for a new webhost

log_hdr_gdAs I allready told you in my first post on my new blog I now have access to unlimited space / bandwidth at GoDaddy.

It took my quite some time to find a suitable host for my needs. I started my search with the following things I really wanted my new host to offer:

  • SSH access (because it just works superfast for maintenance jobs etc.)
  • Unlimited space (I reached my limit at my previous host really quick when I uploaded all my raw holiday photos)
  • Unlimited bandwidth (Holiday photos waste your bandwidth really quick)
  • SSL (off course you can get that anywhere, but I’d rather have my host offering it then a 3th party)
  • DNS management (I want to be in charge of my own DNS records)
  • Off site DNS (I have some other domains that I would like to manage from one dashboard)
  • WebDAV (Need that for my Mozilla Weave account)
  • PHP (obviously…)
  • MySQL (obviously as well)

At first I only looked at the Dutch market for hosting providers. No particular reason… I quickly figured out that they are incredible pricey in comparison with hosting providers abroad, and that none of them offer unlimited space / bandwidth. For example ‘Yourhosting’ (one of the top 5 providers in Holland) is offering 2000MB space and 100GB traffic for the price of 85 Euro a month.

I asked around at work if any of my colleagues might know a suitable provider that fitted my needs, and several names came up (all abroad 🙂 )

  • Site5 (a wonderful host, but doesn’t offer off site DNS management and doesn’t offer MySQL 5 (yet))
  • Dreamhost (looked at some user reviews and most of them are negative, plus there own website was down for emergency maintenance when I went to look at the specs)
  • GoDaddy (they are ‘only’ offering 50 MySQL databases, but I think that will make do)

In the end GoDaddy fitted most of my needs and for only $10 a month they can offer me unlimited space / bandwidth / SSH / (off site) DNS and more.

I registered, paid by creditcard, got a free domain which you are looking at right now and everything was just swell.

Then I went over to the domain manager to transfer several of my other domains to them (all .nl) and came to a unpleasant suprise that they apparantly don’t register .nl domains, nor transfer them to them.

It’s no biggie since I can redirect all the domains to my new server, but it was just a bit unexpected.

Right now I’m doing some stresstests, tracerts, etc to see what the uploadspeed, downloadspeed, ping time etc is. I suspect them from capping my uploadspeed allready, but I’ll keep you posted.