How to personalize and automate your relationship with your customers – Part 1

E-mailOnly 2 percent of all companies are sending out e-mail compliant to their own corporate identity. Its amazing to see how little company’s are truly understanding the value of the always growing flow of e-mails. Not only does your e-mail stand out from all other corporate e-mail messages, but also strengthen your identity every time you send one out. Boosting brands at almost zero costs.

There are lots of tricks that are almost to easy to implement that will give you results you never expected. To get you started or learn you some tricks on e-mail marketing we first go over the kinds of e-mail that is used. After this series of 10 posts you hopefully see the benefits from every single type and have learned to use them the right way.

There are basically 6 types of e-mail messages

  • Corporate e-mail
    • normal e-mail messages that you send out dozens of times a day
  • Newsletter e-mail
    • Newsletter e-mails that you send out every x days to your customers / contacts just to keep them updated
  • Campaign e-mail
    • This can be used to generate traffic to your website or for example get attention for a certain product you like to sell
  • Site e-mail
    • E-mail that is sent from your website, help desk, support system, contact form, etc…
  • Follow-up e-mail
    • E-mail that you send after a user for example has requested some information and you want to know if everything was received in good order
  • Personal e-mail
    • E-mail that you send on your customers birthday or for example send out when he gets back from his vacation

In the next couple of weeks I’ll cover each of the above categories one by one in detail.

Part 1: You are reading it now

Part 2: How to get your e-mail addresses for your list(s)

Part 3: Corporate e-mail

Part 4: Newsletter e-mail

Part 5: Campaign e-mail

Part 6: Site e-mail

Part 7: Follow-up e-mail

Part 8: Personal e-mail

Part 9: Tips for launching a e-mail campaign

Part 10: Example cases