Looking for a new webhost (part 2)

120x60-2I was so happy with my GoDaddy account in the beginning. The promises seemed almost to good to be true, and now it turns out they are…

I transferred all my files, databases and mail account to my “UNLIMITED” everything account that I ordered at GoDaddy in December 2008. So far so good. Everything seemed okay aside from some latency during peak hours.

I opened a ticket to ask if they could do something about the latency and they promptly answered that they experienced no such thing. As a reply I send them a traceroute from my comp to my website and as a comparison a traceroute from my comp to the GoDaddy homepage. A difference of almostĀ  2 seconds.

As soon as I pressed the send button on the support form they already replied that from their location there was no latency. At least nobody can complain about slow support.

But that was just one thing that turned out to be not so great… It turned out that the UNLIMITED everything package wasn’t as unlimited as advertised. You can only create 10 e-mail accounts that do NOT have unlimited space. You have 1000 MB available that you can divide between your e-mail accounts. Now for most people this should do fine, but my local mailbox is now holding around 3 GB that I was planning to mirror online so I could access it via IMAP everywhere I go.

Disillusioned I again went looking for another webhost. In my initial search I also had Site 5 in my list of possible candidates. I looked at their offers once again and it turned out they had some great offer. I had a chat with the online salesperson and asked all the things that I wanted different from GoDaddy and he quickly confirmed that at Site5 there where no hidden agenda’s. Unlimited truly is unlimited.

This means that I also had the option to create unlimited domains that are really separated vhosts, another thing I didn’t have at GoDaddy where I could only work with domain pointers. This is absolutely fantastic since I have several websites that I could host under one main account and give people that are helping me to maintain some of these sites access to only that specific single website account.

I transferred everything once again to my third webhost in a year, but now I believe that this will be the last host I’ll ever need.