Dutch PHP Conference 2009

Dutch PHP Conference 2009

Yesterday I visited the Dutch PHP Conference 2009 at the Amsterdam RAI. I only went to the tutorial day as the tickets are quite expensive (300 euro).  I went with a collegue from work to the Zend Framework workshop.

At well over 10 million downloads, Zend Framework has become a standard PHP development tool worldwide. The workshop was to introduce you to the project, giving a brief synopsis of its history and what it offers, including the new features available in version 1.8.

Matthew Weier O’Phinney was obviously very comfortable with the subject (duh! he is one of the core developers of the Zend Framework) and had a very flexible presentation style that allowed for a lot of interesting questions being answered clearly on the spot.

The only thing I was a little disappointed about was that I thought it would be more of a hands-on workshop (as the title clearly states: Zend Framework Workshop). I really missed the practical approach and since I’m not all that into Zend Framework yet it was sometimes difficult for me to understand where what was done by the Zend Framework.

+1 for handing out the entire presentation with code samples on a USB thumb drive.
+1 for leaving enough time at the end for live coding and random questions.