The end of (A)DSL

upc_logoIn the past year lot’s of ISPs started to offer 20 Mbps internet for € 20. This was the fastest internet subscription that was available at that time for a fraction of the price cable providers charged for the same speed. Cable internet providers like UPC and Ziggo started to lose a big share of their customers to ADSL providers, but now with the implementation of EuroDOCSIS 3 the cable providers (consumer) strike back.

You could say that DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS technology is to cable what DSL is (tries to be) to a traditional telephony network. The latest version of EuroDOCSIS -version 3.0- is a breakthrough technology for European cable operators and consumers. It already allow data speeds of 160 Mbps downstream and 120 Mbps.

Most remarkable about EuroDOCSIS 3.0 is that it bundles minimum 4 frequency channels of the cable network together whereas previous versions of EuroDOCSIS used only one frequency channel. This makes EuroDOCSIS 3.0 at least 4 times faster than the previous EuroDOCSIS version. As EuroDOCSIS 3.0 has no limit in how many channels it can bundle, the speed for data communications via cable will progressively increase to a multitude of 160Mbps/120Mbps.

The consumer subscriptions available have reached an astonishing 120 Mbps (6 times faster then ADSL!).

In the Netherlands the major ISP UPC is now offering the following subscriptions:

upc_abosThis image represents the stand-alone prices for Internet subscriptions. If you subscripe to a total package that includes television and phone you will get an additional discount on these prices.

Ziggo (another large ISP , cable provider) is now also implementing EuroDocsis 3 on a large scale and promises that they will have it available by the end July this year.

While the ADSL providers are operating at their maximum speeds and selling the 20 mbps lines for almost their costprice, the cable providers offer a better deal then the ADSL providers ever could.

UPC and Ziggo will soon launch a massive scale advertising campaign to really finish off the (A)DSL providers.

I can’t wait for EuroDocsis 4 (Lab speeds at 1Gbps).

Update: 26-06-2009 – UPC launches their new commercial to give ADSL providers the final blow.