Back from vacation!

Hey there all,

I managed to get back from vacation in one piece. As I told you in this post we went from Costa Rica, to Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatamala and then Mexico.

I was very excited to go to that part of the world because it’s one of the last contents we still have to visit (we now only have Australia on our list). It was more beautiful then I could hope.

Costa Rica is canopyincredibly green. It’s most famous for it’s eco-tourism nowadays. We stayed in La Fortuna (where we didn’t see the Arenal  vulcano because of the clouds) and later in Monteverde. In Monteverde we did a boat trip along some beautiful islands and of course did the Canopy tour Monteverde is famous for.

The Canopy tour is basically going from one mountain side to the other over treetops and rivers on a very thin cable. You have 13 slides which vary in height and length. The best one is 60 meters high and 1km long.

From Costa Rica we went on the Nicaragua, Grenada. Nicaragua was also a country I was very anxious to see, but in the end it was a bit dissapointing. The nature is incredible, but the people are poorer then I expected. This resulted in beggars at your breakfast table and women that pissed on the street right in front of you where you were about to set your foot down. From there on we went to León, the former capital of Nicaragua. León is a bit bigger and that is a bit easier going for the tourists like us 😉

vulcanoFrom León we went Vulcano boarding. I myself never heard of it, but you basically walk up a active vulcano in 1,5 hours in the hottest part of the day (38 C) on black sand with a wind that could blow you of it any minute to then when you arrive at the top sit on your board and slide down at 60 mph. Now who in his right mind would do that :).

It was super super cool to do.

From there on we went further to Copancopan where we went to visit the Ruins. Its amazing that these ruins are so well preserved. Those Maya people sure knew how to build a decent temple.

For the people who are interested in reading the rest of the story or are interested in some more photo’s you can view them here.