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Roundcube webmail – Auto reply plugin

Roundcube was definitely the webmail program the fitted our needs most. We quickly installed it next to our Squirellmail installation. The installation was super-easy and super-fast. Then installed the ManageSieve and SpamAssassin plugins and I thought we were good to go.

The end of (A)DSL

In the past year lot’s of ISPs started to offer 20 Mbps internet for € 20. This was the fastest internet subscription that was available at that time for a fraction of the price cable providers charged for the same speed. Cable internet providers like UPC and Ziggo started to lose a big share of their customers to ADSL providers, but now with the implementation of EuroDOCSIS 3 the cable providers (consumer) strike back.

No more Windows betas

I’m all for beta testing of new products and when Windows 7 first beta came out I was one of the first to install it on my Dell XPS 1530 laptop. All was good except some video resolution problems when switching to HDMI output and back. I installed Ubuntu aside so this wouldn’t be a problem all that much. Then Windows 7 Build 7068 can out and with that I…

Hello world!

At last I took the step to start blogging. You might call it a early new year resolution.

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