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New website – MidZomerZaan Festival

The MIDZOMERZAAN Festival is a Dutch festival weekend full of music, literature and art.
Get inspired and be surprised on the 3th weekend of June and enjoy everything the Zaan and its beautiful locations have to offer.

Rackspace whitepaper about Comrads

We at Comrads have a number of international clients and most of them are running our software on their own dedicated server. Comrads takes care of all this and has recently chosen Rackspace to provide a dedicated server for a major Dutch telecomprovider.

New webshop – Reumafonds

Purmerend, april 2010 – Comrads built a custom solution to create, produce, order and distribute publication materials. This online solution also contains a webshop (with ordermanagement and realtime stock information).

New brandportal – Draka Brand Point

Purmerend, january 2010 – Since the beginning of this year Comrads redesigned the Draka brandportal. The Asset Bank was completely upgraded to the latest standards, the integrated ‘Stationery webshop’ was completely revamped and the design itself was upgraded.

Roundcube webmail – Auto reply plugin

Roundcube was definitely the webmail program the fitted our needs most. We quickly installed it next to our Squirellmail installation. The installation was super-easy and super-fast. Then installed the ManageSieve and SpamAssassin plugins and I thought we were good to go.